The task for each group is to prepare a set of web pages about a particular programming language. Each group will be given a different language to research and the starting point may be the name of the language or a key text. The group may use (but must acknowledge) whatever resources it finds to establish:

Attention is drawn both to the University and Departmental policies on plagiarism, while at the same time acknowledging that it is an essential part of an exercise such as this to have to quote as well as cite the work of others.

The emphasis in this coursework is on the content of the web pages produced not the form. A clean, simple, informational structure is required. It should also be clear that it is expected that the group will author a significant amount of text which by turns synthesizes, summarises and evaluates source material, combined with the appropriate hyperlinks. The assessment of a submission containing a high proportion of URLs to original text will not normally exceed the threshold score. You may not assume that either Java or Javascript is enabled or the availability of Flash or other such visual distractions. However, in-line .gifs may be useful in some circumstances.


At the end of this coursework you will be able to:


The coursework is marked out of 100 (accounting for 25% of the unit score), broken down as follows:

At the end of the project each group must fill in a Group Questionnaire, which must be signed by all members of the group. The Group Questionnaire must be handed in with the coursework. The questionnaire allows the members of the group to indicate their percentage effort in the project, and provides a group view of the mark each group member should receive. Each group member must also fill in a confidential Personal Questionnaire, describing his/her individual view of how s/he worked during the project. If necessary, the project markers will use the information in the Group and Personal Questionnaires, along with the submitted coursework, to adjust an individual's marks, to give their final mark for the coursework.

The following assessment guidelines are given so that you are aware of what may typically be expected of your submissions:

Group mappings

The assignment of groups for assessment is as follows:

That is, group A is required to assess the work of groups B, E, J, etc..

Each group must make its website available for access by other users from 20030512. Conversely, groups are recommended NOT to enable general access before this date. Any access problems are to be reported immediately both to the unit lecturer and to the members of the group whose site is unreadable. Submissions with no evaluation of a site, claiming it was inaccessible, will receive a mark of zero.

The assessment of each of the other group's work assigned to you should consider how well each of the requirements has been met and take into account the assessment criteria given on the published coursework. The assessment should be no more than 1 page of A4 and must include a mark out of 10.


Each group must submit, by 20030520 @ 16:00, spiral bound as a single document with coloured sheets to separate the sections:

  1. a short overview (max 1 page) including the base URL of the website
  2. a print out of the pages on the website
  3. reports on the websites of three other groups
  4. individual personal reports



Following submission, each set of web pages must left available both for assessment and for access by all students registered for the unit. Links will be created from the unit web pages. The unseen examination will include questions based on this material.

Julian Padget,