A Nite Less Ordinary - 21st October 2002

9 out of 10

A Nite Less Ordinary, the monthly Indie night produced by Nemesis (Bath's alternative music society) went off with a bang with the highest turnout for a Monday night since Fresher's week.

A selection of DJs played a wide range of music, everything from Indie classics (Blur, Pulp, Ash) through to modern influences such as the Strokes and the White Stripes. The DJs also took requests, resulting in some eccentric tracks including System of a Down and (for some reason) PJ and Duncan's "Let's get ready to rumble!".

In addition to the excellent music there were some great drinks offers; 2 for 1 on various beverages and 85p a pint. The crowd were a mixture of Prism regulars and initially timid indie kids who soon got in to the swing of things. By the time we left, a mosh pit had formed consisting of nearly everyone in the club!

Choice quotes of the evening: "Indie girls are pretty!" (Katy); "It's a club but with better music" (Random blokes Dave and Andy at the bar); "The night's gone very well; People should come to the Venue on Monday's more 'cos it's cheaper and better than Caddies" (DJ Darren). Overall it was a cracking night out and a great alternative to Bath's standard cheesey offerings.

Review by Simon and Nat