Gluecifer: Basement Apes

A relatively new band, Gluecifer was born in 1994 in Oslo [Norway]. Through the years they have churned over members in a chilli-pepper style, Captain Poon [guitar] and Biff Malibu [vocals] being the only originals left.

Their new album; Basement Apes, has been over 12 months in the making. Released earlier this year, the overall feel of the album is one of erratic noise, with interludes of a gruff, monotone voice; tracks 1 and 2 being a-typical examples of this. Despite some tracks being of the aforementioned persuasion into teen-angst nu-punk, some tracks struck me as having potential for good things to come, the album being a varied collection of styles.

My favourite song was track 3; 'Losing end'. I particularly liked it because of the obvious change in tempo, slightly slower than the previous two; with a well-refined energetic chorus. There is a slight echo to the vocals with the backing track giving that rare impression of spinning.

There is also a strong and soulful feeling to track 5; Little Man, which is almost gothic in it's approach to backing vocals with haunting high pitch warbling noises overlaying. It also bursts into a nice melodic key change, my only comment being that it felt a bit short.

Basement Apes is good, though needs refining, as it was too cluttered and unpredictable for my tastes. This is the kind of album to buy if you like punky, gutsy music and don't mind a bit of a raw edge to it.