Gary Numan: Hybrid

After his huge success last year with 'The Exposure collection' becoming his 27th top 25 album, Gary Numan is back with a vengeance and more electro rock than ever before. To celebrate 25 years since giving up his job at WH Smiths, this anniversary double album is due for release 3rd March 2003, featuring 3 entirely new songs and many re-worked tracks from throughout his career.

The album gradually enters your consciousness, filling the silence, creeping, with a steady beat and well placed synthesized effects synonymous with Numan's career. Tracks typifying the 1st CD are 'Hybrid' and 'Crazier'. The second CD is mellower, leaning towards rock. This album paves the way for the future release of 'Exposure' due 20th May 2002.

Overall, my favourite track was 'Cars'. This was almost certainly thanks to its familiarity and the spooky, mysterious new tilt afflicted upon it. In this new working, the track may seem slower than one might remember. At times this track is calm, building to a certain sense of urgency, and culminating in a sudden abrupt ending.

The second CD has less of an electronic feel about it and is more relaxing and chilled. My pick of these tracks would have to be 'A Prayer For The Unborn'; a very different genre to those tracks of the 1st CD. With its steady beat, complicated backing instrumentals and occasional euphoric 'beat less' highs this is an example of a song being led and held together almost entirely by Numan's voice.

Overall I really liked this album; the 2 CDs complement each other perfectly and can be listened to as background music while working or just for relaxation. Gary Numan has come a long way in 25 years and his experimental style is still much loved today.