Spotlight Review

The winner of Arts Society of the Year for 2001-2002, Bodysoc is Bath's prestigious creative dance society and they certainly know how to put on a show. Their latest escapade was Spotlight, a dance extravaganza featuring over 30 performers in 22 different acts many of which were choreographed by the performers themselves.

The show was accompanied with flawless lighting from Backstage, which added a certain dramatic flair to the proceedings, perfectly complementing the attractive dancers in their striking costumes.

The best solo act to my mind was performed and choreographed by Laura Tracey, dancing to "When you say nothing at all" from the classic film Notting Hill. I particularly liked the effect created by the movement of her sparkly belt which added emphasis to the many spins within her performance. We were all a little puzzled, however, by the word "stoned" emblazoned upon the belt.

Another of my favourite acts was a group piece danced to "Kissing You" from Baz Luhrmann's adaptation of Romeo and Juliet. This was a very floaty dance which turned out to perfectly fit the chosen track. The dance consisted of 13 dancers in beautiful white swishing skirts complemented by a haunting low level cloud from the smoke machines at the back of the stage.

I was however accompanied by a few of my male friends who for quite different reasons preferred both the scantily clad tap dancers and the Can Can [number 21] from Moulin Rouge. The latter featured a surprise appearance by our very own SU president Ben Diamant, who put on a superb performance as the master of ceremonies, complete with top hat and cane! Sitting in the front row was greatly appreciated by my companions, with the only comment I could extract from them being a goggle-eyed "wow" and a vacant expression.

The only criticism of the whole show was the tracks of several of the performances ended abruptly in the middle of the song, where perhaps a fading nearer to the end of the song may well have been a better option. Overall though, The night was an outstanding success with something for everyone to enjoy.

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